Digital competency management can be implemented with no risk or disruption to ongoing operations.

  • Start anywhere
  • Continuous or wave-based rollout
  • Internally managed, externally managed or hybrid model

We work with you to ensure

  • A world-class competency architecture
  • Lean and effective process management
  • Short and long-term value deployment


The management of competency itself requires competence development on the part of managers at all levels.

Competency management as a field of expertise includes competency requirements architecture and design, standards collaboration and innovation management, enforcement levels and mechanisms, compliance reporting and management, audit reporting and more.

In order to ensure customer success we provide the necessary training:

  • For project owners and managers
  • For clinical leaders


Maturity models for digital competency management allow our customers to focus on next steps while having a clear roadmap to total value deployment.

Digital competency management is a digitalization process which often starts with simple digitization of existing processes before finally changing the way the organization approaches learning and development, quality management and strategy.

Key principles are:

  • Making it easy to get started
  • Leveraging success metrics
  • Continuous value deployment

Or customer success program includes a comprehensive engagement model ensuring continued value deployment.

  • Annual activity cycle (planning, execution)
  • Maturity model alignment
  • Single point of contact


In the world of healthcare competency management, chances are that whatever you are doing – someone else has done it before you.

Leverage communities of practice in order to

  • Find a network of peers inside and/or outside of your organization
  • Collaborate on the establishment and maintenance of competency requirements/plans
  • Share success stories and smart practices

Network and learn at

  • Our annual customer forum
  • Regional network meetings
  • Domain-specific network meetings